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Splendid Seilebost

Of all the beaches on Harris I think that Seilebost offers the most variety to a photographer. In addition to the sea and sand interacting there are some wonderful sculptured shapes on the edge of the beach. I visited Seilebost a few times on my recent trip to Harris and I captured a different mood every time.

Posted on September 24, 2019 .

Story of a sunset: Plemont Bay, Jersey

After a day of low cloud on Monday the weather improved on Tuesday to provide light cloud and sunshine by late afternoon. At dinner I decided to pass on my pudding and set off with my kit to Plemont Bay and see what sunset brought. I checked the tidal runes and saw that the tide was rising but I reckoned that there would be enough time to work the beach before the light went and the sea covered the sand.

Posted on July 2, 2019 .

La Corbiére and Plemont

It is many years since I was on holiday with my family in Jersey and I was far too young to have any taken any photographs to aid my memory. 

Having undertaken quite a lot of research I decided that the most fruitful areas for sunset photography would be La Corbiére Lighthouse in the southwest corner and Plémont beach in the northwest.  These are the two locations for these photographs.

Robin Hood's Bay Sunset - 17 January 2015

The weather forecast for much of the UK was complete rubbish but the Yorkshire coast appeared to be exempt from all the doom and gloom.  So off I set.  I drove through lots of clag and grot on the North Yorkshire Moors but my first sight of the Whitby coast basking in sunshine actually lifted my soul.