Whitby Sunset

Every evening when I was on holiday I walked down to the North Pier to take in the air and admire the sea.  If I was wearing enough layers and was feeling brave I would also park myself on a bench and contemplate how fortunate I am to be retired and be able to relax and enjoy my life.

I always took my small camera with me 'just in case' and on a couple of evenings the sunset was wonderful and of course I took photographs.  

Tuesday evening I was slightly late getting down to the pier as a friend had come to visit me.  Somehow we had both missed the fact that there had been a heavy rain shower as the ground was wet and the sky was an interesting shade of orange which I loved as everything gained a sepia glow.

On my last evening, Friday, the north pier was like photography central as both Lizzie Shepherd and David Speight were running workshops there.  Hey!  Didn't they know that this was My Town for the week.  Obviously not!  Anyway here are some of the images that I captured.