The Yorkshire Coast From Staithes to Flamborough

The Yorkshire coast is magnificent.  It has many small towns and fishing ports surrounded by towering cliffs and rocky and sandy beaches.  This gallery contains images from the coast from Staithes to Flamborough and hopefully catches the essence of the area.  

My favourite area is around Whitby as I love the houses snuggled into the cliffs and the bustling harbour.  Sandsend to the north has an amazing beach and the groynes are great to photograph when the sea is washing around them.  

Saltwick Bay to the south has a fantastic man made rock platform that is accessible only at low tide.  The ledge contains rock pools which reflect the light and there are little waterfalls between them which are wonderful.  The edge of the rock platform is a delight to watch  at low tide when the waves rush in and then flow out in a series of waterfalls in different directions and levels. And don't forget the Admiral van Tromp.  Every bay needs a shipwreck!

No matter how often you visit the Yorkshire coast it always looks different and there is something new to enjoy.

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