Having spent a few years exploring many fabulous land based areas of the UK I find myself increasingly drawn to the coast and specifically the sea. I love it’s many moods and the relentless nature of the waves. One would think that looking straight out to sea would produce the same view but every time I go to the coast it it different. There may be a gentle swell with waves lapping the sand or the waves can be battered by the wind and the pull of the moon to produce monsters that rear up and engulf everything in their path.

Working on the coast is also demanding as you need to have the correct equipment with you before you start taking photographs as there is nowhere to put the camera bag. The other main problem is that the tide advances and retreats incredibly quickly so there is a limited time to capture each shot. I also have to be very aware of the level of the tide so I don’t get cut off from safety on the shore. However, photographing waves and the sea always produces images with mood so it is well worth getting wet feet and the disappointment of water on the lens. There is always another day!.

This gallery contain my favourite coastal photographs. Many will be from Yorkshire but an increasing number are not as I have found myself travelling further afield to experience the particular features of each area of the British coastline.

The other feature of this gallery is that there is very often no sense of place. There are no man made piers or buildings to identify a location. The photographs are indicative of the coastline where they were shot and hopefully set the mood of the location. Wherever it is!

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