The City of York

I moved to York in 1980 and despite being a proud Bolton Girl I have to confess that Yorkshire is a great place to live.  The City of York has centuries of heritage and history to experience and if the city life becomes overpowering it is easy to escape.

I don't venture into York very often as I prefer the countryside and the coast.  However, I have taken quite a lot of photographs in the city as it very photogenic and there are always lots of events to support, meals to eat, museums and parks to explore.

The city is always very busy with tourists throughout the year and it can be difficult to photograph the most historic places during the day or evening.  The best time to visit is before the shops open as the tourists are still on their buses and the residents are at home enjoying breakfast.  However,  there are lots of snicketways and back paths to explore where hardly anyone ventures so it is possible to get away from the crowds.