Alison S Taylor LRPS

I have always enjoyed being outdoors and when I gave up international lacrosse and other sporting activities I continued to take walking holidays and to spend as much time as possible in the fabulous British countryside.

 I have always enjoyed photography although it took the acquisition of a DSLR for my interest to flourish. My hobby started with me merrily snapping as I walked in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales or on the coast, but as time passed I began to spend more time considering and planning my photographs.

Photo courtesy of Barry Hutton -

Photo courtesy of Barry Hutton -

I like to decide what techniques can be used to produce the required result and have developed a deeper interest in the use of textures, light and long exposures. I've also learnt that one can't be considered to be a proper landscape photographer without getting up in the middle of the night to be poised for action at sunrise. The thrill of watching how the light and landscape interact and change easily outweigh the trauma of getting up at 4.30am.


Almost all my photographs are taken in the north of England and are based around fells, waterfalls and the sea. Its where I'm happiest and the variety of the scenery is endless.  I have discovered that there are so many small corners which are relatively unknown, but which are a delight to a photographer.

In June 2018 I submitted a panel to be assessed for a RPS Licentiate Distinction (LRPS).  I was thrilled when it was successful and I am now starting to work towards the Associate Membership.

I am an active member of York Photographic Society and am currently the President until the end of season.  I have given talks at a couple of clubs and am keen to continue doing so. Not surprisingly they are mostly based on my adventures around the North of England.

Talk Topics:

  1. Coastal Photography

  2. Yorkshire

  3. Lake District

  4. Saltwick Bay

  5. Scotland

  6. Canadian Rockies and Alaska