The Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are perched on the top of the Pennines and it attracts thousands of visitors a year to its limestone features, valleys, peaks, rivers and waterfalls.  It is the third largest National Park in the UK and it's location makes access incredibly easy for most of Lancashire and Yorkshire.  However, the park isn't just a tourist playground; there are many farms and industries providing employment to thousands of people.  There are also many reminders of the industrial past in the area around Gunnerside and Settle.  Life certainly wasn't romantic for the people dependent on forging a living in the area.

I fell in love with Wharfedale when I was a young child as I spent hours with my Yorkshire relatives around Bolton Abbey, Kettlewell and Malham.  Recently I have been introduced to the delights of Swaledale with its intimate valleys, industrial ruins and multitudes of spectacular waterfalls and to the limestone splendour of the area around Settle and Ingleton.  There is an area of the Yorkshire Dales to suit every mood and taste.

However, I also love the western side of the national park with it's magnificent limestone features and abundant waterfalls.

I probably don't go to the Dales as much as I ought to but there is no doubt that the variety and splendour of the National Park make any trip wonderful.  Most of my photographs are from these areas of The Dales and were taken whilst out walking and enjoying the scenery rather than with the intention of taking photographs. 

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