Splendid Saltwick Bay Sunset

I have been to Saltwick Bay 3 times and on each visit I sensed that there are wonderful photos to be taken but I've never taken any.  Photography at Saltwick is very dependent on 3 factors all working together:  low tide, sunrise or sunset and the weather.  I've usually managed to get 1 or 2 of the factors in line but they have only led to me taking some samplers ready for "the main event" at a later date.

I was also aware that I have never been to the edge of the rock platform which can only be experienced at low tide and I had no idea of what kind of photographs I could take there.  I only knew that I would like to investigate rock pool reflections alongside the movement of the sea.

When my friend David Beverley mentioned that it was low tide at sunset during the following week I knew I had to go and I enrolled another friend who would be able to pick me up when I fell over (as I invariably do when  carrying my tripod whilst not looking where I am walking).

We met at 6 o'clock and made our way down the cliff face.  It was wondrous and I only had time to keep strictly to my plan as there was so much to absorb and photograph.  I am genuinely excited by some of the images as the waves and waterfalls on the edge were so much more spectacular than I ever envisaged and there were flashes of fabulous light in different directions. 

After 2 hours, (which completely flashed by, John and I decided that we must have our sandwiches and surprisingly enough (actually it wasn't surprising at all we met  David and his wife at The Admiral where they were also eating a well earned snack. I've not been able to compare images with with David or John but I think that they will be very different even though we were in the same location.  I'm looking forward to seeing them all as it was a brilliant evening to be out on the coast with a camera.