Le Tour de Yorkshire

Having missed the main event last year I was determined to get into York to see the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire.  The advantage of the route for me was that I would get two  bites of the cherry as the peloton were scheduled to make two full circuits of the city.  If I bombed out on Circuit 1  I hoped to make a better fist of things on the next round.

Getting to the city centre was a challenge as all the roads were firmly closed from 8.00am so I had to find an alternative route on my bicycle.  My plan almost came completely unravelled at the railway bridge at the end of Wilton Rise as the bicycle ramp was at an angle of about 88% and I got stuck halfway up. I couldn't go any higher and retreating meant that my bike would crash with the camera onboard.  After holding 'the pose' for an eternity (2 minutes) I was eventually rescued by a kind gent so I was able to reach Micklegate.

My first location was Mickelgate Bar as I thought I'd like to catch the peloton negotiating the arches and my other objective was to get up close and personal.  I had polished my 80 - 300mm lens especially for the occasion.  I then headed up Blossom Street where there was more room.  Preparations here were thwarted as I bumped into a friend but overall I am pleased with my images and had a great afternoon out.

Like the Three Kings in the nativity I found another way home!