Hardcastle Crags

Hardcastle Crags has always been on my "go to" list but for numerous, completely spurious , reasons I've never made it.   However as the tides on the coast were completely hopeless for my schedule I had to find somewhere else to explore.  That's it.  Hardcastle Crags.

As it was Bank Holiday I got up early to beat the traffic and arrived at Hebden Bridge in no time at all although I didn't end up at Clough Hole car park as I'd planned. Note to self: don't always follow the satnav.

I decided to walk up the river to Gibson Mill.  Have a snack and then wander further up the valley, still keeping to the side of the river.  It was wonderful!  There were numerous large fields packed with bluebells, roe deer and woodpeckers enjoying their habitat and  lovely Hebden Water cascading through the valley.

I didn't get all the way up to the viewpoint near Widdop but that is a delight for another day when I shall also have a picnic.  The area around Gibson Mill is quite busy but once out of sight of the mill it is really peaceful and quiet.