Scotland Mountains

I adore travelling to Scotland as the mountains, rivers and lochs are on a grander scale than the Lake District and the roads are so quiet and relatively wide.  Unfortunately on this trip the weather wasn't brilliant as everything got soaked at regular intervals but the atmosphere and the scenery were splendid.  

I sometimes had to carry my Panasonic Lumix TZ30 rather than my DSLR as I didn't want to get all my other kit soaking wet.  Most of the detail is captured but the skies are a problem as they invariably get burnt out.  I can only shoot jpg with the lumix so I had to exposure bracket every image.

By midweek it was only raining so my DSLR was allowed out and fortunately I only dropped my camera on the last day!  My favourite lens was wearing the polariser at the time and that was the piece of kit that cracked.  I think I got out of jail free there!

Our lodge in Fort William was by the Caledonian Canal and had the most wonderful view of Ben Nevis.  I  have only included 2 images of Ben Nevis although I could have posted 15.  It is truly magnificent!  It was enhanced by the fact that snow was still well established on the upper slopes and at the end of the day the sun's pink glow made the view enthralling.

Posted on June 13, 2015 .