Australia: At the end of the day

Sunset in Australia was a lot earlier than in the UK so it wasn't difficult to find photographic opportunities at the end of the day although it often clashed with meal time!  We were on a hectic schedule so I tended not to get up early in the morning but I did make an exception when we visited Penguin on the north coast of Tasmania.

York isn't renowned for it's skyscrapers as nothing is allowed to be higher than the Minster so it was fun for me to try my hand at some night time photography at Elizabeth Quay in Perth and around the Circular Quay in Sydney.  

On November 14 whilst I was in Sydney there was the biggest supermoon  in over 68 years and I went off with my mini tripod to capture it over the Opera House.  Like most of the planet there was a lot of cloud about but there were a few minutes when there was a tantalising glimpse showing through.  The Press Association contacted me soon after I had posted it on Instagram asking for permission to circulate it to other publishers.

The first night of our Great Ocean Road drive was spent in Robe, SA.  We had spent all our previous nights in cities and it was wonderful to see an open sky above our heads.  As the sun dropped there was a wonderful gentle light over the shoreline and in the clouds out to sea.

We spent 2 nights in the small town of Swansea in Tasmania and experienced the most amazing sunsets there.  In November the sun sets behind a dip between two mountains and the late light then illuminated the clouds to a spectacular degree.  It was lovely to walk around the headland watching the sky change colour and it's effect on the landscape.  It is no coincidence that there are 3 photographs of Swansea in this gallery as it is a beautiful place.

We stayed with relatives in Hobart and they had a huge picture window overlooking the harbour and Mt Wellington.  It was so relaxing to sit and watch the sun sink behind the mountain in the evenings.  Sometimes there was a gentle pink glow and at others the sun formed strong beams through gaps in the clouds.  It was always different and fabulous to witness.