Story of a sunset: Plemont Bay, Jersey

After a day of low cloud on Monday the weather improved on Tuesday to provide light cloud and sunshine by late afternoon. At dinner I decided to pass on my pudding and set off with my camera kit to Plemont Bay and see what sunset brought. I had checked the tidal runes and saw that the tide was rising but I reckoned that there would be enough time to work the beach before the light went and the sea covered the sand.

I always thought that the sea at Saltwick Bay was lethal in the speed of it’s rise and fall but Jersey has the 4th highest tidal range in the world so spending time with a camera at Plemont is tough. I like to work close to the shoreline and I quickly discovered that I only had 1 minute to set up a shot before I was washed away and had to retreat.

These photographs tell the story of the sunset which was wonderful to watch. It started off with subtle tones and within half an hour the sky was hot red which was reflecting off the sea. Away from the sunrays the sea was a wondrous fluorescent blue and I was extremely jealous when I saw someone swimming in the sea amongst the myriad of colours.

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Posted on July 2, 2019 .