Sailing the Inside Passage


I recently completed one of my Bucket List trips on a cruise between Vancouver and Seward (Anchorage) to enable me to visit some of the remote places in Alaska.  Cruising is not my holiday of choice but it gave me the opportunity to visit some amazing places which were way beyond my expectations. 

The Inside Passage is a coastal route for ships and boats along a network of passages which weave through the islands on the Pacific NW coast of North America. The route extends from southeastern Alaska, in the United States, through western British Columbia, in Canada, to northwestern Washington state, in the United States.  There is no road access to many of the towns on the coast so boat or plane is the only way to travel.

I have already posted photographs from Glacier Bay which was one of the most magical days of my life.  However, the rest of the voyage was spectacular and I would like to share some of the images I took from the ship whilst at sea.


I am very grateful to my good friend Liz Helm who had to endure me constantly and  suddenly running off or standing on the same cold spot for ages whilst a photo opportunity lined itself up.  This included standing for an hour, in nightwear, on a cold balcony, late at night, watching a sunset unfolding.

Posted on August 3, 2018 .