Rainy Day on Scales Moor

Last weekend I went on a David Speight workshop in the Yorkshire Dales and on Sunday morning we walked up Twistleton Scar and onto Scales Moor to find the eggy erratic.  This wasn't as straightforward as you may think as we caught the tail end of Tropical Storm Ernesto which meant the weather was distinctly unpleasant.  Visibility was also almost non existent so it was a miracle of navigation that we found it at all.

I made the decision to take my small Canon G5X which I could keep dry in my pocket rather than lugging all my big kit up the hill in heavy rain.  It was actually a  variation on Mark Littlejohn's 'shoot and move' technique as explained in the Autumn edition of Outdoor Photography magazine.  However, it wasn't to enable me to catch the changing light as there wasn't any but it was safer as I could concentrate on where I was putting my feet and be more flexible in manoeuvring around the glasslike clints and grykes.  

The rain and mist certainly added to the atmosphere of the location and I definitely enjoyed trying to capture the mood of the moor and egg erratic (One Legged Robin).  Apparently on a clear day there are spectacular views of Ingleborough  but I didn't mind not having a view as I was able to look out for the rock details and patterns.

On the way back there some wonderful weathered trees on the edge of a limestone pavement which were struggling to stay upright.  And then there was a sheep!

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