Curbar Edge Evening

As soon as I arrived in The Peak District for my week's holiday I quickly unpacked and then set off for a new location on the east side of the National Park called Curbar Edge.  I have to be honest and say that it was chosen mostly because it was close enough for me to reach before sunset. However, it was facing the sunset and I knew that there would be some interesting rock formations to aid my compositions. I had most of the edge to myself and tried photographs at a few spots but it was quite grey and misty I didn't get the images that I had planned.

I had to return a couple of evenings later to capture a lovely subtle sunset setting myself in front of a wonderful stone that looked like it should be a millstone.  However, whilst there was a hole in the middle the stone itself was triangular which I haven't seen before.

The other thing that fascinated me was the number of planes flying in all sorts of directions.  They must have been at different altitudes but from my viewpoint they were all on a collision course.

Posted on March 18, 2016 .