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#Sheclicks Meet at Bempton Cliffs

#Sheclicks is a social media group on Facebook for female photographers. It has a friendly, informative vibe where we can seek advice or just chat with like-minded people. It's open to anyone who is interested in photography in any form. In addition there are meets organised so that we can take part in shoots and get to know each other face to face.

Saltwick Bay

If it is January then I must be in Whitby. It is always my first holiday of the year and one that I enjoy very much. It is always quiet down on the front and on the piers and I am only a five minute drive from the delights of Saltwick Bay.

This year I made two trips to the bay. I, along with a few other togs, visited pre-dawn on Sunday morning and then I returned a couple of days later to explore the area around Saltwick Nab. The light on Sunday morning wasn’t particularity promising but fortunately the sunlight shone through the bank of cloud for a few minutes before rising up out of sight.

Barmston Waves

I have been enjoying different aspects of coastal photography and I've been inspired by Rachel Talibarts 'sirens' photographs of waves.  In addition to photographing sand, big skies and piers etc I thought I would like to try photographing breaking waves.  There is so much power in the water and I love the point at which the wave develops a sharp edge just before it breaks up into spray.

Robin Hood's Bay Sunset - 17 January 2015

The weather forecast for much of the UK was complete rubbish but the Yorkshire coast appeared to be exempt from all the doom and gloom.  So off I set.  I drove through lots of clag and grot on the North Yorkshire Moors but my first sight of the Whitby coast basking in sunshine actually lifted my soul.