Hayburn Wkye

There are so many places in Yorkshire that are hidden and lie undiscovered to both locals and visitors.  When I was at South Gare in January I met a man who told me about the delights of a place called Hayburn Wyke which is a small bay just north of Scarborough.  I forgot all about the place until someone else mentioned it to me recently.

I had to go!

I set off early one morning with my friend John Illingworth and after a few detours in the nearby woods (which are lovely in their own right) we landed on the beach.   Hayburn is an Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘hunting enclosure by a stream’ and Wyke is the Norse word for ‘sea inlet or creek’ – which combine to describe the landscape of Hayburn Wyke.  There is a waterfall that runs over the edge of the cliff into the sea which is really pretty.

We weren't there are the best time as the tide was too low so I need to return just after high tide but even so the waterfalls and rocks were great fun to photograph as they were found. We were on the beach for 2 hours and only met 1 other couple who were walking to the beach just as we were leaving.  It is truly tranquil.

Posted on August 14, 2016 .