Yorkshire Dales - Limestone Country

In addition to photographing many of the waterfalls on the western side of the Dales I did a lot of walking as the Settle area is an area I don't know especially well.   However, it is a great base as there are so many varied places to visit within a 20 minute drive so it was really relaxing just to walk and take photos without having to factor much driving into the schedule.

I just loved the rugged and extensive limestone cliffs and pavements where sheep and trees seem to thrive and where man has tried to put his stamp on the features by building the most amazing dry stone walls that nothing can cross or climb. I was also fascinated by the Ribblehead Viaduct (Batty Moss)  which was built across the bog at Low Sleights in 1870 and is now a Grade II listed structure.

Malham is a great favourite of mine, especially the walk from the top of Watlowes Valley to the top of the cove.  I was very fortunate to have a fly past from one of the resident peregrines which was up close and personal.  There is no photo of the bird but it's flight is ingrained in  my memory.