A Weekend in Whitby 2 - November 22 2014

Sunday morning looked bright and exciting.  Oops.  Wrong day.  It rained on Sunday morning  and everywhere was grey and dull.  I had a lie in and leisurely breakfast before venturing out to the north of Whitby.  My plan was to explore Port Mulgrave, Staithes and Skinningrove before returning to base.

The footpath down the cliff at Port Mulgrave was really treacherous and after a more than a few "Eddie The Eagle" moments I slid into a couple who enthused about how much safer the path was in my area of the top of the cliff walk.  I promptly decided to leave Port Mulgrave to another day as I didn't want to wreck any more of my equipment.

I last visited Staithes in June when I photographed the harbour and town at dusk and night.  We had rushed round the harbour so I decided to spend a bit longer enjoying the (same) boats and jetty.  I also visited the viewpoint where we had captured Staithes at night (see Yorkshire Coast) to take some daylight shots.  It really is a lovely little port and certainly equal to anything that Cornwall can offer and with a lot fewer people.

My final stop was Skinningrove, which is just south of Saltburn.  It isn't a tourist haven in any sense of the word with its derelict tractors, boats and jetty. The terraced houses were built for workers in the steel and mining industries rather than the attractive stone  fishermen's cottages further down the coast, but it does have an interesting atmosphere for the photographer. The shoreline beyond the jetty is delightful and includes a secluded little beach and the nearby cliffs provide a wonderful backdrop for the late sunlight.  

Two days in Whitby was wonderful but even though I was out and about all the time I barely scratched the surface so another short break is required there. Rest assured, Dear Reader, I am already looking into it!