Knaresborough Night - 12 December 2014

With the promise of a clear and starry night I ventured up the A59 to Knaresborough to meet up with Tom Marsh so that I could photograph the Christmas lights and the railway bridge across the River Nidd.

Knaresborough is a very pretty market town between York and Harrogate which dates from the 1100's.  In addition to the market there is a fabulous gorge which has been cut by the Nidd over the centuries and it is spanned by a beautiful viaduct.

As usual not all went to plan and as I arrived the sky clouded over but it was still interesting wandering round the town enjoying the Christmas lights and traffic trails.

In the Market Square is a bronze statue of "Blind" Jack Metcalf who was the first professional road builder in the Industrial Revolution.   This was no mean fear as he was blind from the age of six after being stricken by smallpox.