A Weekend in Whitby Part 1 - November 21 2014

A change is as good as a rest, or so I've been told.  I decided that 6 months is far too long to go without a short break somewhere near the sea side so I booked a weekend away in Whitby.  I sourced a lovely cosy apartment in sight of the sea and planned numerous outings with my camera in conjunction with a visit to a delightful fish and chip restaurant.

I was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to visit Saltwlck bay as The Runes had decreed that low tide was going to coincide with sunrise.  There was just one element missing.  No sun. This was a little disappointing but I was able to wander round the rock shelf enjoying the wreck of Admiral van Tromp and Black Nab without worrying about being stranded.

In the afternoon I headed up the coast to Sandsend where the waves were crashing into each other and making a spectacular show.  I did manage to bend my cable release whilst avoiding a particularly energetic wave which was threatening both my feet and my camera.  This was to prove a problem as it meant that my desire to capture the captivating stars at the lighthouse later in the evening had to be cancelled.  It was possibly the highlight of my weekend and will have to live in my memory.  And it will do so as it was fabulous.

Sunset was a fleeting feature with the red sky only lasting a few moments but by then I was happy that I had seen the best of the day.