York at Night - November 4 2014

At this time of year there is plenty going on in York to entice a photographer into York City Centre.  Not only is there the Illuminating York Festival during half term week but of course the Gunpowder Plot of York's most dastardly son, Guy Fawkes, is celebrated. (Although NOT at St Peter's School as burning effigies of ex pupils isn't good for business ).

Apparently Illuminating York is now considered to be in the Top 10 of light festivals in Europe and with this billing I ventured into York.  To say that I was disappointed is a great understatement.  Wot!  No montage at St Mary's Abbey?  And what was  going on at the Minster?  I was expecting The Great West Front to be illuminated and all I got instead was a few random lights in the nearby garden.  I appreciate that most events were taking place at The Eye of York but there should have been a lot more to see elsewhere in the city.

A few days later York Photographic Society were rendered  homeless due to most of Poppleton descending on our usual venue for a few fireworks and a party.  We decided to head into town for a night time shoot.  This was more like it.  The weather was great and there was hardly anyone around as most of York's citizenry were up at the bonfire.  Fortified by a drink at The York Tap we  stopped at a few locations and then made our way back for a warming restorative.  In 2 hours we only got to a few places in The Minster Quarter so there are plenty of interesting places left to explore at a later date.