Autumn in Wensleydale - 1 November 2014

Today I joined up again with Tom Marsh and his Yorkshire Photo Walks group for a wander around the lower reaches of Wensleydale and West Burton.  

Getting there was a bit of a nightmare as it appeared to be "Take your Horse for a Drive on Inappropriately Narrow Roads Day".  I crawled along the A864 behind a variety of horse boxes which came and went but frustratingly never left me with a clear road.  I finished up behind a box the size of a hotel which then had the nerve to take up the last space in my meeting layby. Grrrrrrr.

Anyway we all had a great day walking along the River Ure and in the afternoon we met up again in West Burton so that we could photograph Cauldron Falls, as sketched by William Turner. The light was grey throughout the day but we enjoyed the warmth of the sun, apparently for the last time this year. I've been a few times in the summer but it was lovely to catch all the autumn leaves and the golden colours.  Wensleydale isn't my favourite dale but it does have some scenic waterfalls which are always worth a visit.

These photographs are from both locations.

PS the food in the Fox and Hounds and the sausages at the butchers are fantastic and well worth experiencing.