My original plan was to drive to Saltwick Bay for photography closely followed by fish and chips.  However the low tide was an eye watering and wellie flooding 2.4m so that was a non starter. 

After a lot of investigation on google and OS maps I decided that I would visit a little beach south of Bridlington called Fraisthorpe. The beach is usually very sandy although it sometimes gets large debris washups when there are south easterly gales.  There are also a lot of rocks and 2nd World War defences which provide interesting foreground interest.

The other thing I noticed was that the tide was quite leisurely in coming in so I wasn't racing to set up shots.  It was all very relaxing and pleasant.

The final factor in the location's favour is the Cow Shed Cafe within 100 m of the beach.  It has a licenced bar but also serves meals and the most wonderful coffee and cakes. It makes the whole photographic experience a delight.

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