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Trees on The Screes: A Wast Water Story

At first glance the famous scree slopes on the south side of Wastwater look like they are just composed of loose rock which stretch approximately 2,000 feet, from top to base. I took a series of photographs of the gulllies, trees and rock faces which are quite abstract in nature but which together provide a powerful impression of the magnitude of the screes. 

Two Lake District Sunrises

Whilst in the Lake District at the end of August I experienced 2 sunrises which were both beautiful but different.  On the last full day I set the alarm for 4.15am in order to give myself time to drive over the Kirkstone Pass to Ullswater and arrive an hour before sunrise.

Cloud Inversion over Derwentwater

Whilst staying in Borrowdale I happened to wake up at 5.30am and noticed that there was a huge bank of cloud hanging over the valley and Derwentwater.  I dressed and grabbed my camera bag and raced up to Kettlewell Car Park and Ashness Bridge to photograph the cloud as the sun burned it off the water.