Cloud Inversion over Derwentwater

Whilst staying in Borrowdale I happened to wake up at 5.30am and noticed that there was a huge bank of cloud hanging over the valley and Derwentwater.  I dressed and grabbed my camera bag and raced up to Kettlewell Car Park and Ashness Bridge to photograph the cloud as the sun burned it off the water.

This took a lot longer than anticipated so I was grateful for the company of other photographers who had also decided to capture nature at work. These included Dan Evans,  Tim Fisher who arrived at Ashness Bridge jetty after scampering up Dalehead and Mark Littlejohn who put in a brief appearance after his exploration of King's How.

Whilst some people kept changing locations to grab shots I decided that I would stay put and watch the changing light and see how the mountains emerged from the bank of cloud.  It took almost 2 hours for the sun to start burning through the cloud but it started the sight was inspirational and I then had to work quickly to make the most of the opportunity.

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