Two Lake District Sunrises

Whilst in the Lake District at the end of August I experienced 2 sunrises which were both beautiful but different.  On the last full day I set the alarm for 4.15am in order to give myself time to drive over the Kirkstone Pass to Ullswater and arrive an hour before sunrise.  It wasn't a dramatic dawn but the light was varied and the reflections on the lake were lovely and as usual it was a delight to be on the shoreline and witnessing the start of a new day.  

The last time I visited Glencoyne Bay was pre-wellies and I stayed quite close to the car park but this time I wandered up the shoreline where there were a lot of trees and rocks which added foreground interest.  I also waded out into the water go get a better view of the lightshow at the far end of the lake.  This provided technical challenges as I have self inflicted rules about what I can do with the camera when I am out in the water.  These include no changing of equipment, (especially lenses),  as I know the odds of my dropping something expensive in the water are extremely high.  I am also more like to slip on a submerged hazard so I move extremely slowly at all times.  This is difficult for me as I  may be getting older but I am still very quick to set off from a standing start.

Everything went to plan until the end of the light when a huge bank of cloud drifted in from the north east and no sunlight got to Place Fell.  This was a disappointment but nonetheless I had a great morning on the lakeside.

On the day of departure, as I was drawing back my curtains, I noticed a bank of cloud over Grasmere and this caused me quite a dilemma.  My tripod and wellies were already packed at the back of the car boot so could I really summon up the willpower to rearrange my packing and get them out?  YES!!!

The next concern was where to go as I knew that the low fog wouldn't last for long as the sun was already out and I wanted somewhere easily accessible from where I parked Benny (my car).  I decided to go to the twisted tree at the south end of Rydal water and that is where these photographs were taken.  I love watching early morning mist burn away and I had a fun 30 minutes watching it all unfurl.  The only snag was that my left trouser leg came adrift from my wellie so I had a wet leg for much of the morning!  (I usually tuck my trousers firmly into my socks as they ride up when I'm scuttling about). 

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