An afternoon at Bamburgh

I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Northumberland and as usual I spent my days entirely on the coast.

As the week progressed the weather deteriorated but once I was togged up in my waterproofs I still ventured forth onto the beach so that I could watch the waves breaking offshore and on the sand. On Wednesday the morning forecast was for rain followed by a sunnier afternoon. I decided to drive up to Bamburgh and have a wander around Budle Bay and then move to the beach around Bamburgh for sunset.

However, when I arrived the rain was falling in biblical proportions so I had to delay any thoughts of photography until after it had eased so a cup of tea was enjoyed in a nearby teashop.

The wait was so worthwhile as the light offshore was stunning and the sea was still very lively from the previous day’s gale force winds. Fortunately the tide was going out so it was relatively safe to be on the cusp of the shoreline although I did get one wet foot from a rogue wave that poured over the top of a welly.

I made a point of standing on hard rock as I was concerned that the strong waves were going to undercut the sand beneath my feet and this stopped me overbalancing. Indeed this happened to me on the last afternoon when the force of a wave completely knocked me over and I have a small camera sitting in rice as I type. I’m not happy as I was actually walking at the base of a sand dune well above what I’d assessed to me the high tide line.