RPS - Long Exposures on the Wirral

Having recently joined the RPS Landscape Group I decided to sign up for a day’s shoot on the Wirral Peninsula. We visited three locations; the Perch Rock lighthouse, New Brighton groynes and the West Kirby Marine Lake.

Timing our visits was critical as the tide was coming in and we had to make the most of each location’s features. It all worked very well apart from the fact that the 9.6m tide at West Kirby wasn’t high enough to cover the rocks at the side of the causeway so we weren’t able to capture flat water using long exposures. However, I enjoyed photographing the water swooshing around the rocks and across the marine lake wall.

Here are my favourite photographs from the day. On further investigation after getting home I was made aware of a couple of other locations that I would have enjoyed; the red rocks at Hoylake and the Hilbre Islands which are accessible by foot from West Kirby. I need to return!