Upper Wharfedale

I recently met up with Ruth Grindrod for a day’s photography in the Yorkshire Dales. We have chatted on Facebook for a while so it was really nice to actually meet up and for me to show Ruth a few new locations.

As the days are short we didn’t venture far from Bishopdale and I decided to spend our time at the north end of Wharfedale and Cray. Our first location was Middle Falls but unfortunately it wasn’t possible to gain close access to the falls. However, the light on the hillsides was gorgeous so we enjoyed watching the sunlight extending down to the bottom of the valley.

Our next stop was Yockenthwaite and the lovely River Wharfe at Langstrothdale. This far up the valley the river is just a stream and is really attractive. Langstrothdale is a great place to explore as there are lots of little waterfalls, limestone rockpools, trees and barns to photograph in addition to the river itself.

After a well earned lunch we walked across the top of Wharfedale from Cray to see the glorious view of the valley. The light wasn’t brilliant and we didn’t get the light I was hoping for. However, but there was some mist gathering in the valley. and the view was still gorgeous.

It was a lot of fun and hopefully we shall be able to meet up again either in Yorkshire or Norfolk.