Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales - Day 2

Everything was dried out after Saturday's extended paddling so I set off on Sunday to meet the rest of the group for a day's shoot with David Speight et al.  Our first port of call was the limestone pavement at the top of Conistone where we were going to explore the views and features.  It actually wasn't raining when we started taking photographs which was a huge bonus as the forecast was for Armageddon all day. Unfortunately, the drizzle started within about 15 minutes and after 20 minutes it was pouring down and I put my camera away as there was no other means of protecting it..

Moving onto Conistone Pie our luck was changing as the rain stopped and the light definitely became more interesting with light and shade and a huge rainbow over Littondale.  It was absolutely lovely.  However, everything began to unravel when we reached Conistone Pie which is a well known limestone blob in the shape of a pork pie.  Keith fell on the way down the grassy slope and he sustained a serious injury. There was no way he was getting back to the village so we had to call in the emergency services.  Within a short time both the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance were called up and we were all so impressed with their professionalism.  Keith was stretchered down to Conistone and hopefully will be back on his feet and out with his camera very soon.

We desperately needed coffee and more breakfast after standing on a cold moor side for an hour but once we were refreshed we decided that hill tops were out.  (We were fully equipped for the situation but standing and waiting and supporting a casualty is cold and wet work). Consequently we ventured up to West Burton to my favourite Cauldron Falls and then to Mill Gill near Askrigg.  At this point the weather really closed in and it drilled down with rain.  Discretion was the better part of valour and we retired home to Kettlewell.