Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales - Limestone


Rain. Rain. Rain. Snow. Blizzard. Fleeting sun. Rain. Rain. Sleet. Rainbow!

Still windy.

It was raining far too hard to gain any pleasure for any serious walking although  there were a few hardy folk trudging/striding along the valley bottoms in order to arrive at their next bed.    I decided that I would make the effort to drive up to Langstrothdale at the top of Wharfedale and also to go to Winskill Stones which is a wildlife reserve due west of Malham.  

Winskill stones looked a fabulous location but the weather was so poor that I only managed to grab a couple of photos from spots within 100yds of the car.  It was freezing cold on the top of the fell and the blizzard was particularly awful at this point.  However, I loved the moodiness and light that the blizzard engendered so it was worth sprinting about and setting up a couple of photos before having to sprint back to shelter.  

I have included a photo of Conistone Pie which was taken on the only really sunny day of the week.  It isn't anywhere near Winskill Stones but it is made of limestone.  The views up Littondale and Wharfedale are spectacular and it is a splendid spot for a picnic.  It is well worth a visit but do take care coming down that grassy bank!

Posted on April 11, 2015 .