Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales - Day 1

At last the holiday season has arrived and I set off with great anticipation to Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales.  As the weather forecast was truly awful I immediately headed up the Cam Road to take some photos of the  view down Wharfedale.  I have a print at home by Keith Melling which shows the detail and geology of the valley and it is one of my favourite views in the Yorkshire Dales: "Above Kettlewell, Wharfedale - Yorkshire Dales"

On Saturday I decided to do a linear walk from Buckden back to Kettlewell but I didn't appreciate how much the valley bottom had flooded. When I wasn't winkling my way along slithers sodden grass I was wading through deep water.  At one point one of my walking poles made a successful bid for freedom and is now probably about to enter the North Sea.

My route back to Kettlewell took me up the west slope of the valley, through the ancient Fosse Wood and along the top of the ridge past Moorend Farm which was spectacular but left me exposed to the wind and rain.  But at least I kept my feet dry!

Posted on March 31, 2015 .