Whitby in February - 22 February 2015

After a wonderful weekend in November I decided to return to the same apartment for a break in February.  All things considered it wasn't the best time to visit with the intention of photographing Saltwick Bay as the tides weren't compatible with sunrise and sunset and the weather forecast for Sunday was only 1 grade short of Armageddon.

I did get out a few times with my camera to capture the sea pounding the sea wall and early morning on the north pier.  After a leisurely breakfast I then visited Saltwick Bay to look for interesting locations for when the runes are more favourable.  The timing of the tides and sunrise/sunset only match up about 5 times a year to permit a 2 hour window either side of low tide when the ledge is safe to access.  This weekend definitely didn't qualify but I did enjoy a leisurely wander at Saltwick Nab before being drawn back to Black Nab.  The rock pools and rocks are amazing.  I've visited Saltwick at least 3 times now and haven't even scratched the surface of possibilities.

As usual I drove down to Sandsend where the beach groynes and sea rarely disappoint before a quick visit to Runswick Bay before the rain started.

Did it rain?  I should say so.  Did I mind?  Not at all as I walked down to the pier where I could safely watch the sea driving onto the beach with the spray and crashing waves providing much entertainment.