Saltwick Bay - 22 September 2014

Having only one day's holiday left and term starting next week I decided that the seaside beckoned.  As it usually does.  I last visited Saltwick Bay at dawn in January which wasn't a huge success as I didn't know the location well enough and my mind was too full of thoughts of staying on my feet and not getting cut off by the tide to enjoy the photography.  I also got wet feet early doors which wasn't very comfortable in January.

However, having inspected the runes, (weather and tide times), I decided to give the bay another go.  Just in case the photography was a disaster again I invited Damien Taylor to join me as we've taken part in many twitter conversations in the past but never met.

The sunset was a bit of a damp squib producing tantalising glimpses of pink but the waves and location were fantastic and we spent a productive hour capturing the light and the scenery.  I also got wet feet numerous times but that was fine as I remembered spare socks this time.

Black Nab didn't play nicely as it was covered in water all the time we were there and neither of us fancied clambering over slippery rocks to reach the Admiral van Tromp.  I'll just have to return again.  Sometime soon.

Posted on September 24, 2014 .