Ullswater sunrise - 2nd September 2014

Whilst I rose at 5.30am a few times last winter to catch the dawn I've never made the effort before now to get up at 4.30am and drive to a predetermined location.  The Lucky Recipient of my attentions was Glencoyne Bay at Ullswater.  This took quite a bit of preparation so that the forecast was checked (again), the car was loaded and I went to sleep at 9.00pm to get a "decent night".  I woke up feeling remarkably alert and refreshed and I looked at my watch to make sure I hadn't overslept.  10.20pm! What!!  

Sunrise was scheduled for 6.20am and even arriving at my location at 5.40am I sensed that I was late as the light show was already beginning and the sky was starting to turn into vivid reds and blues.

Was the effort worth it?  Oh yes.  I can honestly say that watching a new dawn is amazing and actually quite addictive.  Watching the grey turn to pink and red and observing the changes in the water reflections and the light on the fells was awe inspiring and I really enjoyed trying to capture some of it with my camera.  I also took some time out just to sit and wonder at what was unravelling before my eyes.

Will I do it again? Definitely.  The factor really preventing me from getting out more often at dawn is my job as I work full time so I am limited to weekend dawn jaunts. Winter is approaching so I'm busy planning more expeditions.



Posted on September 2, 2014 .