10 Ways to Photograph Trees - 4 October 2014

I am usually a happy solo photographer wandering around on my own assessing locations and shots before setting up the actual photograph.  However I sometimes join up with Tom Marsh and his Yorkshire Photo Walks group for a more social day out and to get me out of my comfort zone investigating ideas I don't normally think about.

The weather forecast was completely dreadful and it poured down as I drove to Otley.  However, it stopped as I arrived and as the day developed the light became completely inspirational.  This meant that I went off piste from my allotted task to capture some the amazing light and sunbeams.

The main theme was to capture trees in different ways and these photographs are the result of my thoughts.  As well as the sunbeams.

PS.  If anyone finds any tripod parts in Stainburn Wood they are probably mine.

Posted on October 5, 2014 .