Spurn Head - 11 October 2014

I had planned a trip Spurn Head with a group of photographers just before New Year but little did we know that the road to the lighthouse had been washed away and the whole area was closed.  It eventually reopened and I decided that it was about time that I drove deeper into Yorkshire for a visit.

My impression of the reserve is that it is wonderful and there is actually so much to see considering there is nothing there at first glance  other than sand, debris and a couple of lighthouses. However, a few things struck me.  The sea is very loud and dominating on the seaward side and there have been many attempts to prevent the  waves destroying the sandbank.  (That would be a fail).  On the lee side the landscape is completely different as there is extensive swamp and it is incredibly quiet as the sea can't be heard at all.

The peninsula was quite busy with walkers, and bird watchers and the odd photographer (me) but there was plenty of space for everyone and it was very easy to enjoy the quiet and solitude.

I mooched my way up the  sea side taking photographs and then had my picnic at the lighthouse.  I then returned back to land using the road and footpaths.  Yes, it is quite a long walk as it took just over an hour from lighthouse to the YWT shop.  However, it is a fascinating place and well worth regular visits.