York Floods 2015

Storm Eva struck the North of England on Boxing Day and after a day of horror in Lancashire I returned home promptly.  I wanted to check my home was ok and there was also concern about how passable the M62 would be after the appearance of a sink hole which completely closed it.

Other than a slow down on the A64 to inspect the flooding at Tadcaster I had a good trip home so ventured out on my bicycle to see how the rest of the city was faring.  I do hope that the house at the end of Butcher Terrace escaped the flood as they were working hard to build a wall around the garden.

It was devastating to see how many homes were affected by the flooding and the failure of the Foss flood barrier. It will take a long time for the damaged infrastructure of the City of York and surrounding towns to recover from this storm event. 

I will personally throttle the woman that gave me a dousing on Knavesmire Road when I was in the middle of the road negotiating flood water.  She drove at 15mph which threw up a tsunami of dirty spray all over me.  Not.Impressed.