Northumberland in November 2015

As I haven't had a seaside holiday this year I decided that I would book myself into a cottage in Amble from which I could fill  my boots with sea, photography and walks.

Amble is my favourite location as it is a quiet town with a wonderful pier to walk round.  There are also some splendid beaches in the area.

This blog is focussing on my exploits in the area around Amble: Bamburgh, Embleton and Holy Island.  I was also told about a  wonderful beach near Boulmer called Sugar Sands which lives up to it's name.  It isn't the most accessible as I had to drive through a large farm with vast amounts of mud churned around the road gates that had to be negotiated in order to get there.  None the less it is a great place to visit.  It was still wonderful after I had eaten my lunch in the rain on a rock.

My favourite shoot had to be my morning trip to Bamburgh when there was a wonderful sunrise.  I was rather fortunate as I decided that the best place to go was the beach to the north of the castle but I had never been there before.  It meant that I was busy scampering round looking for angles and composing different images whilst making the most of the  quickly changing light.  There are 2 images here but the best of the set is on my previous blog with a page of it's own.

Unfortunately it absolutely hammered down with rain when I went to Holy Island and I was literally only able to take 4 photographs before I decided that my camera was in danger of being completely waterlogged.

I have seen many photographs of St Mary's Lighthouse and I decided that a drive down to Blyth was to be my plan.  I was lucky that the tide was going out and was just lapping the causeway so I was able to take a long exposure image with the edge of the causeway making a good leading line to the lighthouse.