Roker Pier

As President of York Photographic Society I am scheduled to give a presentation of my work to the membership.  I decided to base my evening on 'Yorkshire' and 'coastal Photography' and I have been chipping away at the content for a while.  

Someone told me about the lovely Roker Pier which features a long curve and as I intend to show some piers and lighthouses in my presentation I drove up to Wearside.  The local council have obviously spent a lot of money and thought into renovating the area as the pier and surrounding area is really well set up for visitors.  There is a long promenade near the pier with cafes and shops on the shore.

The weather was truly awful when I arrived and it was very difficult setting up the long exposure photographs that I had planned. However, with some perseverance I managed to get a couple of shots before retiring to the welcoming cafe for hot chocolate and teacake.  By the time I was ready to rejoin the fray the sun had come out and I tried my hand at some wave photography.

The pier is well set up for this as it is very low for a pier so I could get close to the water.  The curve of the pier also made it possible to get parallel to the waves.  The waves on the lee side were quite smooth and well defined whilst the waves on the windward side were much rougher and more random.  Rachel Talibart would enjoy photographing these.  Indeed, so would I but time caught up with me and I had to leave. I shall definitely return and with a longer lens.