Old Gang Smeltmill - Swaledale

The Old Gang smeltmill complex is considered to be one of the best preserved lead smelt mills, and the most structurally complex, in the North Pennines.  It is situated just over a mile from the Feetham to Langthwaite Road on the Old Gang Beck.

The weather forecast was promising; it looked like I might stay dry and I was looking forward to giving my wide angle lens a bit of a workout.  As soon as I parked my car I was greeted by a snow blizzard but then five minutes later the cloud cleared and the sun appeared.  This was the pattern of the morning which made for challenging but interesting conditions.

After taking a few photos around the main ruins I met a group of walkers who told me about a packhorse bridge further up the valley.  It is a fabulous location as in addition to the bridge there is also a stream including a small waterfall which adds a lovely feature to the scene.

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Posted on February 21, 2018 .