Whitby Storm Surge

I set off for a week's holiday in Whitby knowing that most of the east coast of England was under threat from a storm surge caused by high tides and very high winds.

I arrived an hour and a half before high tide and even at that early stage it was obvious that there was going to be some flooding as the water was over running the west pier and the  whole of the sea was white with waves breaking into each other.

I had to go and collect my cottage keys but then headed straight back to the viewing area below the whalebone arch along with a good proportion of Whitby's citizens.  The police had already closed off the harbour area so this was the best available view.  

It was an incredible sight but it soon went dark so we had to disperse as there wasn't anything we could see.  However, next morning I set off to Saltwick Bay hoping that the water would be low enough for me to access the wave platform.  It was, but only for an hour so I then retreated back to the West Pier.

Much to my surprise the lighthouse was open and I climbed to the top for amazing views over the harbour and beach.  The wind was starting to whip up again and I was finding it impossible to stand up which was the cue to climb back to sea level.  It is well worth £1.50 to get the best views of the town.  Do be aware that there are no passing places on the spiral staircase so be prepared to get up close and personal with anyone headed in the opposite direction!