Having enjoyed my walk along the North York Moors Edge at Osmotherley my next visit was to Kepwick which is a small village to the south.  My plan was to park in the village and head up to the Cleveland Way which is situated on Kepwick Moor.  I would then take one of the many paths which lead down to the minor road which runs through Kepwick.

Walking up the bridleway to the Cleveland Way was made quite treacherous by the depth of the mud on the path.  Mountain cyclists have reduced much of the path to a deep gully of sludge and I was very grateful for the aid of my walking poles in keeping my balance.

Once I got up onto the ridge the views were quite glorious with Sutton Bank to the south and Black Hambleton and Over Silton to the north.  The weather started to turn as well and the changing light provided a lovely glow to the hills whilst the clouds were dark and threatening.