Northumberland Coast

The Northumberland coast is a wonderful place to visit and explore and since it was 2 years since my last visit another trip was long overdue.  I was based in Amble and during my week I visited some of my old favourites but also discovered some fabulous new locations.

I didn't venture off the coastline at all as I had been inspired by a recent talk given to YPS by John Hooton who presented some wonderful images of Dingle.  I love photographing the coast but it is a real challenge because of all the factors to be considered.  The biggest problem that I encountered was the tides as I usually try to work with an outgoing tide as it is a lot safer.  The tides this week were against me and so I had to set up many photographs with the risk that either myself, my equipment, or both were going to be washed away.  

This selection of photographs is from the stretch of coast between Holy Island and Druridge Bay.  I decided against driving to Blyth and St Mary's as the tide was going to be out of sight.  My favourite photographic location of the week was Rumbling Kern, near Howick.  It had a spectacular cliff area with gushing waves and down the coast were a couple of gorgeous beaches which were perfect for a picnic, pondering and paddling.

See the Northumberland Gallery for more photographs

Posted on November 12, 2017 .