North Pennine waterfalls

Whenever I have driven across the Pennines on the A66 I have passed signs to High Force waterfall but I've always carried on driving to the other side of the Pennines.  High Force is a 21m drop on the River Tees and it plunges into a deep ravine accessible by an easy path to the bottom of the falls - as long as the gate is open!.  It isn't possible to get to the top of the falls from the north but the path allows you to get to the bottom of the gorge which isn't possible from the south side.

A mile downstream is Low Force and this is ore attractive to photographers as there is a lot more room to move about and compose different shots.  The falls certainly aren't as high as High Force but I enjoyed wandering around them.

The locals were very friendly and one dog walker directed me to another waterfall close by on the north side of Bowlees Visitor Centre.  It is called Summerhill Force and in a lovely secluded gorge.  There were ice statues forming at the base of the falls which added to the atmosphere of the enclosed waterfall.

It is definitely an area to which I shall return as I would like to follow the Pennine Way to the south side and the top of High Force.  There are also many walks in the area leading to other waterfalls.

Posted on December 4, 2017 .