A day out in Keld

I felt the need to head to the hills for the day and my original plan was to visit High Force and to walk round the south side of the falls. However, having given a fair impression of Quasimodo at YPS the evening before this wasn’t a good idea. 2 miles with full camera kit was going to be a struggle so I decided to got to Keld instead and have a waterfall fest.

As I drove down the road from Tan Hill I remembered a waterfall on the right that I have seen before but never explored. Wain Wath Force isn’t big but the river has chiselled out quite a valley with a rock wall on the north side. It is easy to access and there is room to park a few cars on the road by the bridge.

The lower falls were far more interesting than the higher set as the rocks in the river bed have many interesting shapes and lines.

After lunch I wandered down to Eastgill force. This is a bigger waterfall than Wain Wath and I found the base of the falls fascinating. There were quite a few rocks at the base which were causing the water to spray about. As a photograph of Eastgill Force itself is very straightforward I enjoyed much more capturing the detail in the water.

There was still mist in the dale when I set off home but I had no regrets about spending my time by the water. It is a splendid place to visit as there are lots more waterfalls in Swaledale and there are also many walks with fabulous views.

Also visit the Yorkshire Dales Gallery