Frosty Skipwith Common

After a long stretch of boring winter weather the day dawned with some interesting mist and hoar frost on the trees. I spent a while working out which location would provide me with trees that would separate out from the landscape but also provide diminishing layers. Skipwith Common got my vote.

Whilst driving I also had to consider the angle of approach. There are some fabulous silver birches on the eastern side but then on the west end there are some interesting copses, ponds and lone trees. The west won and it turned out to be the right decision as I was able to take a variety of photographs.

Skipwith Common is notoriously boggy but I enjoyed a couple of hours wandering around over rock hard ground. Even the bogs had frozen over so I was able to get up close to one of the main ponds. The compositions on offer at the pond weren’t wonderful but I was glad to get up close and see what was around.

I was definitely dressed for the weather as I kept myself toasty warm but unfortunately I became seriously hungry so I had to reluctantly withdraw. However, I had a wonderful morning on an empty common.

Posted on February 1, 2019 .