West Burton Waterfall

The weather forecast on Thursday promised to be wonderful and so I decided that I could test my shoes and small tripod  in the field.  (Those of you who know me even vaguely remotely will be aware that I shall soon be jetting off to Oz for six weeks and having sorted out the house and garden I am at the stage of deciding what will make the suitcase).

My favourite photograph of the day was a side view of Cauldron Force at West Burton. I've been to this location lots of times and it is never the same as the light and conditions are always different and it is always worth working on a new angle or investigating what features stand out on the day you are visiting. 

I have used this angle before but the light was a lot flatter and it wasn't easy to capture the water running along the foliage before dropping into the stream below.  The cauldron was also in shade which made the water stand out even more.